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日期:2019-02-10 20:42:00
If you can't breathe, it is his wife. The mobile phone and computer are his hands and feet. My wife in this store can only count clothes. The entire modern version of Liu Bei. Gu Cheng has written a novel with a description about her husband: "Husband, a husband who is far away." If measured by the accuracy of the mastery scale, my family's short cat called "June" is the word. The perfect comment - it is a long way from me. In keeping the distance, compared with June, her husband's performance is not too inferior.

They all said that "the husband and wife are united, and their profits are broken." I never thought about cutting gold. It was a little romantic and wanted to be as sweet as a "sexual" sister. After five or five years of hard work, five five-year plans have passed, and we have successfully become a business partner with children as investment projects. From the sweet love period, to the diapers of chicken flying dogs, to the homework of chicken feathers, to the puberty of the raging horses... everything that needs him, he calmly and decisively insisted on keeping a foot with me. For example: no matter whether it is windy or rainy, the moon is missing. Whether he is working in a unit or a unit, he responsibly insists on the music of "News Network".

Online popular men sit downstairs and get stuck in the car. The daughter is still a primary school student. It has already highlighted the humorous talent. When we were at dinner, we looked up at the watch and then opened it one by one. Me: You haven't come back yet? Daughter: Do you want to go to the garage to see it, maybe a few seconds in the garage, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Me: Go, tell him that his watch is slow, 7:00 Beijing time. Then we will smile. Then the question is coming. We are all outside. What is the relative of his father? If you can't breathe, it is his wife. The mobile phone and computer are his hands and feet. My wife in this store can only count clothes. The entire modern version of Liu Bei.

In the beginning of the school season, the children were sent back to school. The parents were stopped outside the school. Each group of luggage was standing responsibly standing in a double-paired joint warrior team, waiting for their children to move their luggage to the dormitory, but he yelled at me. One did not watch out, sighed "I went to see the car, don't stick it..." and slipped. At that moment, I only felt a piece of paper from the sky, falling on me, and writing a few big characters - a woman who is not happy. "I and my motherland can't be separated for a moment." He must have changed the lyrics in his heart: I and my car can't be separated for a moment.

He has the characteristics of derailment: the machine does not leave, the toilet does not say, can play a game before it comes out; from the living room to the restaurant, the two-step road is also holding the phone; if both hands are busy, the phone is officially loaded Into the pocket of the shirt; after the meal, set a cigarette, standing against the wall by the window, holding a cigarette in one hand, pulling the mobile phone with one hand, squinting at the mobile phone, spitting the fog, quite a MAN; but when he was eating, taking pictures of the food was wrong. , mother-in-law, Tiehan tenderness, which is the red face to send?

Doesn't he really put me and the baby in my heart? However, it is not, in his heart, we have become digital. I was in the living room clearly holding the remote control, watching the spy war drama, and strangely became Guo Degang. As long as he is at home, he will make such a moth. Or when he enters the house one day, he asks, who is here? It was decided, like an old god who was not a prophet, yeah, I did come, but I was not prepared to tell him. Under his lobbying, my mobile phone has also been replaced by Apple. Our whole family has a system, including the tablet, which has become a part of our happy family. I deeply know that he has given us a bit of a position since then, it is a small Case.

He was not at home, I didn't recruit anyone who didn't provoke anyone. The phone suddenly found out the iPad's certification prompt tone. For several days, I warned him: "Stop, little man!" He explained shortly: Misunderstanding misunderstanding, system mess It’s none of his business. I even suspected that I opened a refrigerator. He knew that the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything, he could do anything. He had clairvoyance. Technology has made him, he has control of his own small world, far away, and is close at hand. Since we have a system on our mobile phone, I have been blind in the street. I don’t know where it is, I don’t know where it is. Anyway, he knows, it’s okay to save me. And speed up the brainless mode: my mobile banking password is forgotten, ask him; QQ does not go, ask him; website password ask him ... I believe that he can remotely control.

I protested that he restricted my freedom. Since then, I have to report even my thoughts. My daughter is older than me: "He is an insecure person, forgive him." Under the interconnected sky, we seem to be far away, he Properly maintaining the distance between us, just like June, reaching out, but not touching, it is three feet away, squinting, and the heart is clear, just don't want to be too close to you. His soul also lived in June, his appearance was indifferent, and his heart was hidden in the small ninety-nine, not expressing, nor preparing to give up. Economic Daily - China Economic Net Editor's Note: The "One Belt, One Road" initiative has closely connected people in China with countries and regions along the route. People have met, met and blinded each other in increasingly frequent contacts, which not only contributed to business partners and project partners. It also brought out a pair of happy life companions and built a bridge.

Their love is not close to Guo Xiaoting, gentle and beautiful, born in the province of Sumatra, Indonesia. It is the third generation of overseas Chinese in Medan. The ancestors have long settled in Indonesia for many years, but still love Chinese traditional culture. In 2015, after graduating from the Asia International Friendship Academy, Guo Xiaoting worked as a translator in the 2×150 MW coal-fired power plant project department in Medan Industrial Park, Indonesia. She was recognized by her colleagues for her outstanding work ability and also for the smooth project. Contribute to your own strength.

Chen Tingpeng, who came to the Medan Project Department in 2016 for financial work, often needs to go to the local bank and tax department to handle the work. The relationship with Guo Xiaoting has increased, and they have become friends with each other. The two from strangers to familiarity, from encountering each other, mutual love, love is not around. In November 2018, Chen Tingpeng and Guo Xiaoting received a marriage certificate in the ancient city of Xi'an. In May and June this year, they held weddings in Medan, Indonesia and Xi'an, China. Love has been cultivated, from the beautiful ancient city of Xi'an to the prosperous and modern Shanghai, to the Indonesian capital Jakarta, where they have their footprints.

In their eyes, Guo Xiaoting's translation work is serious and responsible, and he can always contact him at any time. In the eyes of Chen Tingpeng, Guo Xiaoting meets his mate selection criteria. So, he took the courage to confess to Guo Xiaoting, and finally held the beauty. In the eyes of Guo Xiaoting, Chen Tingpeng is handsome and has the hard-working character of the Chinese northwestern man. He has a strong work ability and is very principled. He is a person who can entrust his life.
Electric construction guy and Indonesian girl interpret "Fanghua Love"

Everything is not a problem in love. Regarding transnational love, the problems faced by Chen Tingpeng and Guo Xiaoting are not so simple. Chen Tingpeng came to Indonesia's Medan because of his work. He may be moved to a place farther away from Medan and even leave Indonesia. In addition, Chen Tingpeng only has one boy at home, and Guo Xiaoting has only one girl at home. Both families do not want them to be too far away from themselves. When the two first contacted, the relationship was not accepted by the family, but the world was not afraid of the heart. With the joint efforts of both sides, they finally persuaded the families of both sides to let this love continue.

As long as the person is right, other difficulties are not a problem. Love is sometimes as simple as that. A place called "home" given by both parties. A family, a few people, have three meals and four seasons, have joy and laughter, guard each other's happiness, and guard the sky that belongs to each other. The proposal and implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative” has enabled the people of our country to establish a profound friendship with the people of the countries along the route. While blessing these newcomers, we also hope that through the efforts of all our employees, we will contribute our own strength to the development of overseas projects. A South African mother experienced a “living nightmare” in which a rapist threatened her with a gun at her child’s head and forced her to have sex.

The rape was eventually arrested and brought to justice. After committing a series of violent crimes, he was sentenced to two life imprisonment for a total of 173 years in prison. Nikki and her 44-year-old husband Heine chose to tell their story, they were forced to leave their farms and said that South African farmers are facing constant threat of violence. Nikki painfully told reporters about her experience: when she protected her children from being hit by his bullets, Seaman fired a shot at her ass, and Seaman threatened if her 15-year-old son would not go. Rape the mother, he will shoot at the foot of his son.

Later, Seaman put Nikki's daughter next to her, took off her clothes and tried to rape her. Nikki begged him not to do this, only to her, Seaman promised that only when the 13-year-old girl saw him raping her mother, he agreed not to rape the daughter. Seaman raped the mother twice, not for the third time because she lost too much blood and could not have a relationship again. The £1.3 million (about 11 million), painted farmhouse is situated on nearly 1,000 acres (about 4 million square meters) of land. It has been part of this family for almost a century, and two sons of Niki. A 9-year-old, a 15-year-old, and her 13-year-old daughter grew up there.

The Nikki family has been living in this farmhouse. The family is very remote, and their nearest neighbor is a mile (about 1,600 meters) away. In describing the terrible things that happened that day, Niki said that a bunch of bullets shot from the patio and almost hit the head of her 15-year-old son. The bullet passed through the window, and I felt like we were being chased by the beast. Then I saw Seaman fly in quickly from a door in the patio. Niki said: "The next four hours I can only describe hell, real hell - only painful torture. He pointed a gun at the head of my nine-year-old son and threatened that if I didn't obey, he would shot."

"I told my little son to be quiet, otherwise this person would kill us. In the next four hours, I saw his silent tears rolling down his little cheeks, I will always remember In this scene, I am worried," said Niki. "He tied us tightly with barbed wire, the blood couldn't flow smoothly, and our skin turned gray. He shouted at my children, he came to kill their father, he would be in front of them. The face smashed him. He said that when he entered the door, the children would see him killed.

Then he threatened again and again that if the eldest son did not obey, he shot his foot and ordered him to rape me. I have never heard such disgusting things before and I feel very ashamed. Niki said painfully. "All I can do is ask him not to let my son do that." He used to point his gun at my son's feet, saying that unless he raped his mother in front of his brother and sister, he would shoot and kill them. ”

"I begged him not to do this, begged him to take me to another room, and he would do whatever he wanted. Then forced me into the room and raped me. The room was full of blood, because I was beaten badly. And my hands were tied behind my back, I couldn't do anything. Then he took my 13-year-old daughter to the bedroom, took off her clothes, and tried to rape her. All I could do was beg him, beg. She doesn't touch my daughter and can continue to do anything to me."

"So he did not rape her, but forced my innocent daughter to watch him rape me again. I can't describe the man's anger against us. If my child has any chance of survival, I must take this man. Drive away from them." "If you are me, you don't care about myself at the time, you just want to let your children survive, and you will sacrifice everything to make the children survive."

Niki said that the last man was finally shaken by her. She said: "At last he tried to drive our car out, but could not do it, so in order to get time for my family, I told him that he could hold My bank card and password, let me drive him to the city to withdraw money from the cash machine."
Fighting for family time "He then tied my children tighter and their hands looked bloodless."

The bullet holes in the photo show how Seaman entered the house. "I drove into the city. Before midnight, I tried to give him as much as 4,000 rand (about RMB 1960), but the limit was up, so he forced me. Drive to a secluded place until the midnight and then go to the cash machine to withdraw money from him." "He unlocked my seat belt and let me level the seat so he could rape me again. But I lost too much blood. The body is too weak. I told him that if he raped me again, I would definitely die and die."

"I told him that it is 12:04 in the morning, and the automatic withdrawal opportunity will give him 4000 rand (about RMB 1960), let him leave with my bank card and money, let me drive to the hospital to stop bleeding." As soon as he left my car, I stepped on the gas pedal and drove back to the farm. I found that the children had been broken, so I called the neighbor for help. "The trauma" I held my brave and scared. Children, even though we have experienced mental and physical suffering, but we are still alive, this is enough. For us parents, the saddest thing is that we can never let the children return to innocence. The animals have taken away their innocence and kindness. I and the children can no longer live on that farm."

Nikki said: "We have no choice about what happened to us that night, but we can choose not to let it affect us. We choose to live and will always be grateful that we have lived that night. We will not let that. The monster ruined us, and although we need time, we will continue to move forward and live a better life."

“Finally, I appeal to every South African to remember the words of Nelson Mandela: We can change the world and make the world a better place. Because this is a change made in your hands.” After a terrible experience After the torture, the family now plans to move to Australia to build a new farm there. Her husband will go there to see them on weekends. Niki’s husband lived alone on the farm until the house was sold, and he was reunited with them. In order to prevent another accident, he took it with him.


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