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On June 13, Beijing time, 37-year-old Li Zongwei announced his retirement in Malaysia. In this regard, he ended his 19-year sports career with wonderful but not regrettable. Li Zongwei: If it is not so professional, not so kind, he left such a sad feeling to Chinese fans in Weibo: If I can, I want to fight with Lin Dan again, if it can... but life is not. If there is no life, history cannot be assumed. This is the helplessness that each of us must face. For a talented athlete, it will be a eternal regret to miss it for more than ten years.

Li Zongwei retired and left a series of records: a champion of the Open Championships ranked 350th in the world for the first time in a row. The men’s singles who broke the annual score of 100,000 points have a world record of 417 km/h. The Olympics reached the finals Super Tournament 12:20 reversed the opponent to win the championship (the opponent is still Lin Dan) However, behind these proud records, there are also many regrets:
In the past ten years, I have won the Thomas Cup and the Sudirman Cup. I have never won the runner-up of the 3rd World Cup runner-up in the World Championships.

If you can, if you can reverse the time for 19 years and re-plan for Li Zongwei's career, Li Zongwei can completely get rid of the fate of the millennium. Here, I made a hypothetical hypothesis from the perspective of a senior feather fan: What is the world's number one ranking, neither bonuses nor promotion advantages, why do you fight so much? You see Lin Dan. After winning the Olympic champion in 2012, I started to draw water. I didn’t play the game for half a year. The world ranking fell to 286. It’s not because of his super appeal. IBF is considering taking the seat in Guangzhou. Rate, an exception to Lin Dan issued a wild card, with this wild card, Lin Dan all the way to the final, and in the finals, Li Zongwei hit the cramps retired and won the championship.

If Lee Chong Wei can selectively abandon some games in the usual Open, and save for the World Championships and the Olympic Games, the results may be different. In this respect, his mortal enemy Lin Dan has done much more intelligently. Of course, Lin Dan learned from his mortal enemy Tao Feike. These two people have no idea of ​​talent, but the professionalism is much worse than that of Li Zongwei. The one that Taufik promised in one year is the Indonesian Open held at his doorstep, and then he will deal with the open game in a health-care style, and wait until the World Championships in the Olympic Games. This was the case with the 2005 Anaheim World Championships. The first-ranked Lindane Open champion was soft, but once he reached the finals of the World Championships, he was caught off guard by Taufik, who was alive and kicking, and the score was fierce.

After that, Lin Dan also learned this set. The super champions Lin Dan and Li Zongwei are 20:46, but the ratio of the champions (including the Asian Games) is 9:0. If time can be reversed, can Li Zongwei learn to participate in the competition more strategically? If you are not so kind, you have to say that even the talented athletes are very different in personality. Taufik is awkward, Lin Dan has a domineering, and it is the turn of Li Zongwei, which can only be described with kindness. Li Zongwei's kindness is not only reflected in the patience of interviews with reporters. In the game, Li Zongwei never plays with his heart and does not fight, such as: never retiring.

Those who have played badminton know that the badminton singles competition is the most energy-intensive competition. Then, the International Badminton Federation, which does not cherish the athletes’ sports life, only knows that the badminton will be benchmarked for tennis every day, and the one-year competition is full. The top 15 in the world must also participate. In this case, the athlete must make a choice, whether to play the model according to the regulations, or to focus on his own sports career and selectively retire. Once Taufik is in a bad state, he immediately finds reasons to retire. The most typical one is the 2005 Hong Kong Open. He only scored a few points in the opening game and found out that Lin Dan’s state was overwhelming. He left the game on the grounds of a penalty dispute and left behind. A classic interview: Lin Dan likes to win and let him win.

Lin Dan did not retire. In order to allow teammates to get higher points to participate in the Olympic Games, retiring frequently, such as the 2011 Singapore public finals, so that Singapore fans hate to gnash their teeth. The most recent one, two months ago, was still in Singapore, and met the driver Ansailong. The ball can lose, but it can't let the opponent get the psychological advantage to deal with it. Looking at Li Zongwei again, I see that in his 19-year career, he seems to have never retired. I remember once, it seems that the 2012 British Open final, against Lin Dan, in the previous semi-final, Li Zongwei injured his right shoulder, so came to the final, can not force smash, originally played with Lin Dan Dominant, the advantage of attacking and prolonging is gone, such a game should be completely retired, but Li Zongwei still played. As a result, the game naturally did not win, and the injury was also aggravated.

If so, can Li Zongwei also play some means of retiring? One is to fight against unreasonable competitions, and the other is to play psychological warfare with opponents. Too kind, too honest, this is not the rules of the game on the arena. The direct cause of Li Zongwei's retirement is the nasal cancer that was detected a year ago. Although the treatment is very successful, it is too difficult for the 38-year-old Li Zongwei to return to the training load of professional athletes. The cause of the disease is difficult to say clearly, but one thing is certain. The 19-year overload training and high-intensity competition, coupled with the historical expectation that the Malaysian Olympics has never won a gold medal, the inner anxiety and external pressure. At one time, Li Zongwei was too angry to breathe.

The hardest part is the psychological reconstruction after each major failure. In the 2011 World Championships, the chances of the two match points in the deciding game were not grasped. The championship trophy was so close and didn't get it; after one year's Olympics, in the same stadium in London, the deciding game also came to 19:19. It is not enough to be critical, not afraid to fight, lost to the same opponent Lin Dan. The same course, lost to the same opponent with the same slight difference, this experience, not the average person can come over, such a good opportunity is lost, how to get up the spirit the next day and then walk into the arena?

Sports competitions, like wars, are a mechanism in which only one party wins, and it is impossible to build a win-win strategy. The winner is the king, the loser is the ending of the shackles, let Li Zongwei repeatedly defeat the battle, and even insist on training after getting cancer, hoping to launch a final blow to the Tokyo Olympic gold medal after rehabilitation. The competitive game is too cruel. After a few years, people only remember the championship. No matter how many times you took the world runner-up, the runner-up and the champion have insurmountable gullies. Seeing the scene of tears at the press conference of Li Zongwei, the fans were moved by Lin Dan, who was also an enemy and friend in his life. After posting a message on Weibo, friends posted a song: Don't cry.

Friends don't cry because you have already paid for it; if you can, this assumption is entrusted to dreams, and we can think about it in our dreams. Then, when you wake up, open your eyes, open the curtains, let the sun shine into your heart, and walk out confidently to meet a new day. Li Zongwei Lin Dan jumps those things Olympic Games Taufik Sports Badminton Tennis Sudirman Cup Thomas Cup Malaysia Singapore

Li Zongwei's participation in the Open Tournament is not without self-interest, because there are sponsors' requests, and there are also some unreasonable things: Before the Guangzhou World Championships in 2013, Li Zongwei was in good shape, because Lin Dan had not participated in the competition for almost a year, and Li Zongwei was determined to win. However, the International Badminton Federation announced to Lin Dan wild card, this should be a very normal thing, in the Chinese competition, the last World Championships and Olympic champions card is a natural chapter, the badminton community is also very supportive, but Li Zongwei alone is not satisfied, said to Lin Dan's wild card is unfair to other athletes. In fact, he also knows that although Lin Dan does not participate in the competition, Lin Dan is capable of winning the championship if he has the opportunity, and Lin Dan is still afraid of it.

Sure enough, Lin Li and the two men entered the finals. The plot was the same as before. The two sides won each game and decided to win the game. In the latter half, Lin Dan occupied a clear advantage. Li Zong’s greatness had gone. Li Zongwei cramped, and the score was 20:17. Li Zongwei retired. In fact, Li Zongwei can finish the last point. He does not play this point. It is disgusting Lin Dan. I retired. You won't win. Li Zongwei's injury was not serious, because the next day. Li Zongwei went back! Not impossible to finish! The author has forgotten that the Open Grand Prix champion has a lot of bonuses. The world number one can also get a lot of commercial sponsorship. On the contrary, the title of world champion is good but the prize is small. For the sake of the name or the benefit, in the case that the two cannot be combined, how to choose, to see the individual choice,

Don't say Lin Dan Taufi thief, because they have it together, so they will give up the Open World Championship. It is obviously impossible for Li Zongwei to have nothing and to give up the Open. There is also the Malaysian national team difference, Li Zongwei only use the competition to practice. Everything has a reason, don't be as great as others say. Don't even hurt your athletes

Li Zongwei didn't want to rest, but he couldn't rest. Once Malaysia's performance fell, there would be no sponsors to support his national team. He alone propped up his national team, looked at China, didn't have Lin Dan, and there were Xiaolong and there. A lot of people. Li Zongwei has no choice but to be involuntarily! The badminton is one of the most popular sports of the country. The previous Su Cup won the championship, and we were really happy. This victory allows us to see the hope of restoring the glory of the past.

But at the same time, we must also know our opponents correctly - the Japanese team. In the past, the world badminton has been dominated by China, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Denmark. These five countries have almost monopolized all the medals in the badminton project. But now that the Malaysian team has gone down, Li Zongwei has been struggling. South Korea has retired after the golden generation of Li Longda, Gao Chengxuan and Liu Yanxing. The teams in Japan, India and Thailand have begun to rise strongly.

Today, I want to talk about this Korean coach. It is very powerful. It helps Japan’s badminton rise, and he can be said to have made great contributions. Pu Zhu was born on December 5, 1964. He is a famous Korean men's badminton doubles and mixed doubles player. He is currently the head coach of the Japanese badminton national team. Pu Zhufeng, the most resounding name in South Korea and even the international badminton, is equivalent to Jordan's significance for basketball, or the significance of Tiger Woods for golf. In the late and late 1980s and throughout the early 1990s, Pu Zhufeng was the symbol of the highest level of badminton.

Of course, this is not intended to devalue the Chinese badminton players of the same period. At that time, Pu Zhufeng and China’s Li Yongbo were the biggest opponents. They are all doubles, they have repeatedly reached the finals in doubles and then compete for each other. The difference is that Pu Zhufeng is a double-player genius--Pu Zhu-feng is two years younger than Li Yongbo. It is an opponent of the same era. However, comparing the career record of the players, Li Yongbo really looks up to others. The 1992 Olympic men's doubles gold medal, the 1996 Olympic Games mixed double silver medal, also won 5 gold and 2 bronze in the World Championships, 3 gold medals in the Asian Games, in addition, also won 9 gold in the whole England, almost got all can get Single champion. The most important thing is that Pu Zhufeng's career in the golden period is even longer. He won the bronze medal in the 1983 World Championships and won the silver medal in the 1996 Olympic Games. He has maintained his peak performance for more than ten years.

Born in the same era, Li Yongbo and Pu Zhufeng are naturally "the enemies of a lifetime". They have met many times in a narrow way, but Pu Zhufeng’s partner Jin Wenxiu has pressed Li Yongbo and Tian Bingyi more often, including the 1985 World Championships, 1986. The Asian Games and the 1990 All-America Open decisive battle defeated Li Yongbo and Tian Bingyi, which is the suffering of the Chinese combination. After many years, Pu Zhufeng mentioned the peak confrontation between Li Yongbo and the player. He said with a smile: "We were the best athletes in that era. They often met in a decisive battle. They used to beat Li Yongbo, and now they are old friends."

It is rumored that when the Pu Zhufeng 96 Olympic Games, the Korean Badminton Association asked him to let the ball result in the promise of the ball after the treatment is not recognized. This has violated the taboo, China also has a handicap, Ye Yuying has also let the ball, but the same treatment. How does Pu Zhufeng, such a genius, suffer this humiliation? Therefore, he fell out with the Korean Feather Association. Since then, he has not returned to China, and he has been coaching all over the country. He has been carrying the Japanese team since 2004.

The coach became the coach of the Japanese team after the 2004 Olympic Games and ushered in a bright turning point in his coaching career. At the beginning of Li Yongbo’s appointment, he was completely different from the rivers and mountains. Pu Zhufeng took over a mess and said that it was not an exaggeration to step into the “badminton desert”. Far from mentioning, he said that the Athens Olympic team had 11 people. Only one player won a victory in the competition. Even if Pu Zhu’s resume is too hard, there will not be many people who believe that he can bring such a weak travel to the wind, and the facts prove that as long as the method is right, everyone goes hand in hand, there is nothing impossible.

Due to the thin foundation and weak foundation of the Japanese badminton, Pu Zhufeng could not let the Japanese team step into the sky, but he helped the Japanese team to make every step forward. His insistence finally gave Japan a bumper harvest in 2016 – the Rio Olympic women's doubles gold medal and the women's singles silver medal. Then it was out of control: the 2017 World Championships Aoyuan hopes to win the women's singles championship, until 2018 Tang Yubo men and women team reached the final, and eventually the women's team won the Uber Cup.


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